As unlikely as it may be to see a flying pig, Lydia Quarles will tell you that pigs are smart animals and are probably fully capable of taking to the air given the right training and tools.

And it is in the arena of group training that Lydia Quarles’ combination of experience, wisdom and effervescent personality truly come to the forefront. With a mixture of concrete information and a commitment to personal and professional development, her customized training programs and seminars meet every criteria for success – the important information is conveyed to the audience and they have fun learning.


When Pigs Fly: Expect the Unbelievable.

Through When Pigs Fly, LLC, Lydia offers professional education and consulting services to professional associations, meeting planners, businesses and organizations of all types. She provides customized training programs, coaching initiatives, keynote presentations and group seminars on a wide array of subjects from general management and leadership sessions to highly specialized legal and technical workshops.

She is a masterful trainer, lecturer, facilitator and motivator, assisting clients with individual effectiveness and organizational success. Some of her most popular and frequently requested training programs include:

  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Community Leadership training
  • Deliberative Dialog Training
  • Administrative Law, including the Administrative Procedures Act and the Mississippi Administrative Procedures Act
  • Ethics in Government
  • Women & Leadership.

Because there are so many variables in determining specific training needs, Lydia Quarles and WPF, LLC, offer a variety of training programs and formats. Please contact her to mobilize her extraordinary talents to meet your training goals.