Legal Practice

Legal Practice

Lydia Quarles maintains a specialized and select legal practice in association with the respected and experienced law firm of Mozingo | Quarles PLLC. Just as in everything she does, her law practice epitomizes Lydia’s “Expect the Unbelievable” approach, achieving results for clients in three targeted areas: a boutique domestic practice, workers compensation cases, and labor & employment matters. By focusing on these areas, she is able to provide personalized attention and in-depth representation, reflecting her commitment to her clients and their individual situations.

Family Law

In the area of family law, Lydia has been assisting clients for more than 20 years with cases relating to divorce, custody and visitation, property division and child support, In addition, she has experience in the growing area of grandparent’s rights, visitation and custody. Family Law Mediation is also an option in such situations, reflecting her expertise in alternative dispute resolution.


Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a highly specialized field of law, and Lydia Quarles has established a reputation for being among the state’s most effective practitioners in this area. After all, she is a former Administrative Law Judge with the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission, giving her invaluable insights into the functioning of such cases. When you consider that she also was the Commissioner of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission for a six-year-term, you can see why her services have proven to be invaluable to her clients, both employers and employees dealing with Workers’ Compensation concerns.  Whether an employee who was injured on the job or developed a work-related medical condition in the process of applying for worker’s compensation or appealing a workers’ compensation case or an employer in the midst of Workers’ Compensation claims, the advice and counsel of an attorney with expertise in this field is highly advantageous.

Self-insured employers can especially benefit from the extensive and multi-faceted expertise which Lydia brings to the table when dealing with Worker’s Compensation matters. She has a demonstrated track record in representing and consulting with Human Resources to establish policies which can tend to limit controversion of claims and proactively manage this critical employment component.

Lydia Quarles is one of the state’s foremost experts in every aspect of Workers’ Compensation Law, and her bottom line, pragmatic approach is of benefit to anyone who is dealing with this complex and critical field.


Labor and Employment Issues

Labor & Employment Law is another of the specialized fields of practice offered by Lydia Quarles. Whether an organization requires counseling or representation or an individual who requires an advocate, both perspectives can benefit from her exceptional client service. Prompt, personal attention is given to each client in handling a broad range of workplace issues and in dealing with the myriad of agencies and regulations which both require compliance and protect the rights of companies and workers.

She is well versed in dealing with the general legal issues that can arise in any workplace interaction, as well as all of the laws and regulations that relate specifically to employers and employees. If you are an employer challenged with meeting your business’ requirements or coping with a specific difficult situation, you need to know your business is in the hands of someone you can trust on a personal and professional level. If you are an employee who has landed in a tough legal situation, you need someone you can talk to and who can relate to you as an individual. Lydia Quarles brings a very special combination of empathy and jurisprudence to every labor and employment client.

When dealing with the federal and state agencies and workplace statutes, it does indeed take a specialized legal expert to ensure you of proper representation. Because of her many years as both an attorney and as a judge, Lydia is equipped to help you deal with issues pertaining to the Occupational Safety & Health Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family & Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment & Opportunity, Employee Polygraph Protection Act, Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, Workers Compensation, Wage & Hour, Fair Pay & White Collar “Overtime,” Collective Bargaining & Employment Contracts, Union Member Rights, Immigration Reform & Control Act, Employment Discrimination & Hostile Environment, Progressive Disciplinary Programs, Employment Termination, The Right to Hire “Right” (Interview Questions and Reference Checking), and even Workplace Internet & E-Mail Policies.

The benefits of Lydia’s in-depth experience and training in every aspect of Labor & Employment Law ensures her clients of legal representation which meets the highest possible standard.


Mozingo | Quarles PLLC

And should you or your organization require other specialized legal advice and assistance, the attorneys of Mozingo | Quarles PLLC, have what it takes to provide strong guidance in taxation law, estate planning and probate, and business and commercial law. Dedicated and sharing Lydia’s commitment to a personal touch, they too are just a phone call or an email away, ready to listen to your needs and offer their detailed knowledge to ensure sound guidance to each and every client.

For more information about Lydia’s specialized, boutique legal practice, or to request an initial consultation, contact Lydia.