When you partner with Lydia Quarles and When Pigs Fly, LLC, you will quickly come to understand why this phrase appropriately represents the work she does with individuals, businesses and municipalities.

“That’ll happen when pigs fly” refers to a seemingly impossible outcome. And yet, achievement beyond any previous expectations is what WPF, LLC, strives for in every situation.  With a singular spectrum of legal expertise and the depth and breadth of her personal talents, Lydia Quarles and WPF, LLC, offer one-of-a-kind, comprehensive professional services.

Lydia Quarles, J.D., and WPF, LLC, are committed to the highest standards of expertise and professionalism in every area of services offered. Each client and situation is individually assessed to ascertain the most appropriate and effective processes to address the specific matter. Fees vary based on the services rendered. Details as to costs will be clearly outlined prior to moving forward in order to allow informed decision-making and budget allocations.

You are encouraged to review this site for particulars about each aspect of the services available and to contact us for more information or to initiate a customized situation assessment or set up an initial consultation.

“Expect the Unbelievable!”