Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lydia Quarles is a versatile and talented mediator, negotiator and arbitrator skilled in all processes and techniques of alternative dispute resolution. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) encompasses all of the methods of resolving disputes outside of the government judicial process – it is an “alternative” to litigation.

Because of the range and scope of the services available, Lydia Quarles and When Pigs Fly, LLC, are able to offer clients the option of appropriate dispute resolution, utilizing all tools of negotiation, mediation, collaboration and arbitration, with the additional option of utilizing formal grievance or court action in cases where those become the most viable paths to a resolution.

Nonjudicial methods of dispute resolution are beneficial when seeking prompt, cost-effective and less adversarial paths to solutions. When the goal is to maintain or even strengthen relationships, Lydia Quarles is a trustworthy and capable facilitator, skilled in utilizing all of the techniques of ADR to bring about resolution while protecting the personal and professional relationships at stake.

Her hallmark is a special blend of pragmatism and creativity, which she uses to identify key issues independent of personalities and bring about final outcomes which would have been considered unattainable except for her belief that the unbelievable really can come true.

Lydia Quarles and When Pigs Fly, LLC, are committed to the use of ADR procedures to resolve conflicts amicably in a fair, timely, and cost effective manner in every arena in which parties come into conflict, including:

  • Labor & Employment Disputes
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Disputes with Municipal and County Governments.

Her expertise in the area of ADR is demonstrated by her numerous licenses and approvals. She is recognized by the Mississippi Supreme Court as an approved civil trial mediator and is qualified by the United States District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi as a mediator.  As well as a listed member of the Kids’ Chance Mediation Project, she is also recognized as a licensed arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Lydia’s dedication to civil mediation practice and training is exemplified by her implementation of a workers’ compensation mediation project for workers’ compensation claims in Mississippi, and she continues to be certified as an approved mediator by the Workers’ Compensation Section of The Mississippi Bar.

Certified by both the Kettering Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation as a facilitator/problem solver, Lydia is definitely a multi-faceted professional ready to address any conflict in the most effective manner.

Alternative and appropriate dispute resolution methods can offer a number of benefits, dependent on the specifics of the situation and type of conflict. Please contact us for more information or to initiate a customized situation assessment to find out if this is the optimum approach for you.


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Kids Chance Mediation Project

Lydia Quarles was instrumental in the development of “Kids Chance” as a program of the  Mississippi Bar Foundation under the Administrative Law and Workers’ Compensation Section of the Mississippi Bar. This special undertaking serves as a resource for children who have had a parent killed or permanently and totally disabled on the job, including a scholarship program which affords impacted children the opportunity to attend vocational/technical school or college.

Unfortunately, there are always a large number of children who are potentially eligible to take part in the Kids Chance programs. To find out more about Kids Chance or to become a supporter of this worthwhile and charitable effort, you can visit the Kids Chance page of the Mississippi Bar, You can also download the Kids Chance application,

The Kids Chance Mediation Project is a shining example of Lydia’s belief that “When Pigs Fly,” you can “Expect the Unbelievable.”