In today’s uncertain and extraordinarily challenging business environment, it is invaluable to have access to seasoned, objective advice from a professional with both legal know-how and the optimism to “expect the unbelievable.” Lydia Quarles and When Pigs Fly, LLC, offer organizations that special mix of pragmatism and vision that allows for improved performance and optimum outcomes.

With her wide range of experience and her relationships with numerous and varying organizations, Lydia can offer clients expert consultation and an understanding of “best practices,” applying the lessons learned by others to their situations. But she does much more than that! Lydia’s unique perspective and special skill set combine to offer something more than most consultants.

Certainly she can provide a wide range of standard consulting services, including Organizational Change Management Assistance; Development of Coaching Skills; Policies & Procedures Development and Implementation; Strategic Planning & Operational Improvement; and Effective & Efficient Business Performance. She can even provide highly specialized consulting services, such as Worker’s Compensation; Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity Planning; and Municipal & Agency Legal Issues.

However, clients gain much more than the basic tools and skills to help them and their employees to perform their work in better ways. They also experience an innovative style and the power to expect the very best from themselves and others. It’s that ‘something special” that Lydia’s clients bring away from working with her that differentiates it from the typical consulting relationship.

Don’t sit around waiting for pigs to fly! Put some wings on your dreams and call on Lydia Quarles and WPF, LLC, for that special partner to help make the unbelievable happen for you.


MS Workers’ Compensation Issues

For self-insured companies, self-insured pools and insurance carriers, the best solution for workers compensation issues is to plan ahead, acting to to prevent problems before they happen.

If you have questions about workers compensation laws and how your organization can better handle any facet of Workers’ Compensation, the consulting services of Lydia Quarles and When Pigs Fly, LLC, can assist you in developing a comprehensive management plan. Worker’s Compensation is indeed one area where “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Taking a proactive approach will allow your company to operate in a more business-savvy and cost-effective manner.

Due to her extensive experience with the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission, Lydia is uniquely qualified to address workers’ compensation issues, including but not limited to:

  • MWCC Fee Schedule
  • Self Insured Status
  • Adjuster Training
  • Medical Management Protocol
  • Risk & Safety Analysis


Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity Planning

The most practical response to a disaster and the quickest path to recovery is to be prepared for a disaster to strike, ready with both a comprehensive disaster plan and a business continuity plan. Expecting the unbelievable includes readying for the inevitable, as it is likely that some type of disaster will happen at some time in the life of every organization.

Whether a hurricane or other natural disaster, a severe power outage, a computer crash or a network failure, a disaster recovery plan exists to preserve the organization so that it can continue to offer its services. A business continuity plan moves the organization to the next level, facilitating recovery and restoring operations in the aftermath of the disruption, with the objective of returning to a pre-disaster status.

While every plan is different because every organization’s structure and circumstances are unique, Lydia Quarles can work in consultation with all parties to ensure the comfort of knowing that a comprehensive plan is in place to deal with a disaster and its aftermath. Recovery relies on readiness, and businesses and organizations of all types can be ready to make the best of even the worst situation through advance preparation and collaboration with an experienced consultant such as Lydia.


Municipal & Agency Legal Issues

Very early in her career, Lydia Quarles spent four years as a municipal prosecutor and then five years as the attorney to a Mayor and Board of Alderman. Later, she would lead a large state agency for six years. She has earned her expertise in the areas of municipal and agency legal issues through the everyday realities of dealing with those issues herself. This special insight makes her an invaluable partner to municipalities and agencies, assisting them in the daily affairs and special challenges.

Lydia has a hands-on, working knowledge of state and federal statutes which affect city and county governments and state and local agencies. She is fully prepared to offer general and specific procedural legal advice to city councils, county supervisors, planning and zoning commissions, municipal courts, human resource and risk management departments and almost every other aspect of municipal and agency operations. Her extensive skills also extend to ordinance development, drafting and negotiating contracts and redistricting.

When seeking a consultant who can truly partner with your organization, you can depend on Lydia Quarles. Her extensive track record and personal insights make her the right team leader for the challenges facing municipalities and agencies today.